Palms sprouted in tight spaces

Palms can grow in some of the most unexpected places. The Washingtonia Palm’s pea-sized seeds can easily find a crevice in which to get caught. Washingtonia Palms are strong survivors and will grow anywhere, whether there is ample room or not.

Washingtonia palms are strong survivors and found sprouted in all sorts of tight places.

This one has thrived in the sediment and water of a storm drain in Apollo Beach near Andalucia.

washingtonia palms will grow anywhere...whether there is room or not.

 Judging by its size, this germinated at least a year ago. Washingtonia seed ripens in late Summer here.

Palm in tree trunk

This one has germinated and begun growing in a Bald Cypress trunk. I hope to see what happens here over time.


Washingtonia Palm growing in the top of a cinder block wall

Finally, a Washingtonia Palm seed found a small pocket atop a block wall and enough water to take root – near Westshore in Tampa, Florida.

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  1. Lars C. says:

    weird & interesting

  2. S.P. says:

    I’ve seen things like this happen.