Palm trees can branch?

I was truly amazed the first time that I viewed this Palm. About 12 years ago, when I was becoming very interested in palms, I saw this one beside a road that I had never traveled. I have seen several forked palms, and this is my favorite.

forked trunks on Sabal Palmetto Palm


Subsequently, when I was nearby I would detour to look at this very special tree. One day I stepped out to take a few pictures from across the road (this was the first shot). Well, a lady came out of the house and asked what I was doing. I told her that I loved her tree and wanted to take some pictures. She obviously felt my sincerity and welcomed me into her yard to take all the pictures I liked.   

Secondary forking in the trunk on the end. This is a very special palm and has unique genetics.

I was told that this palm had been moved from another location on the property years ago and that it was very special to her husband who named this a ‘spirit tree.’ There have been many offers to buy the tree, but the owner said that she could never sell it because it meant so much to her husband.

I have seen several different forked palms, but this is my favorite.

Now I have the story of this palm and some great pics that I can look at it whenever I wish.  I am sure it will make a wallpaper appearance from time to time. — Pete

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  1. Vince Weiss says:

    totally cool – never seen palm trees like those

  2. S. Markham says:

    Interesting! I like it.

  3. Danny Kushmer says:

    Great photos, this palm was also featured in Ripley’s Believe it or Not and when it was transferred the bottom of the heads were about 5.5 feet from the ground and only 4 heads. As you can see it has grown a lot and added another head. A very unique palm. If I remember correctly, a biologist specializing in palms said “a palm with 4 heads is about a 1 in 100 million chance to occur. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Jono Miller says:

    PalmBoss: I’m writing about multi-headed cabbage palms and came across your intriguing image. Can you tell me more specifically where this was taken? Jono Miller

  5. Jono Miller says:

    Can someone tell me where this palm resides? Jono

  6. Jono Miller says:

    I would be happy to share photos of two other four-headed cabbage palms in exchange for the location of this one.