Palm Fertilization

When people are properly nourished, they are healthier in appearance and better able to fight infection and disease. The same is true for palm trees.

We plant them for many reasons, but mostly for their appearance and perhaps the shade that they provide. Both are fully realized when palms receive nutrients consistently. PalmBoss® schedules fertilization dosages as appropriate for our customers’ palm species and the seasons.

Most larger palms only hold half of the fronds that they could because people remove unhealthy or yellowed leaves. This increases the deficiencies as the next lowest fronds send their nutrients to make new fronds, thus yellowing those ‘new’ lowest fronds and continuing the ‘sick palm’ cycle.

PalmBoss uses high-quality, slow-release fertilizer products, those in tree nurseries, to achieve the best results. We follow recommendations from palm expert Dr. Tim Broschat of the University of Florida.

Especially important in this mix are the micronutrients that are absent from our native soil (manganese and magnesium). When palms lack these nutrients for years, their health, vigor, and appearance suffer. Most nutritional deficiencies cause yellowing of the fronds, but the particular patterns vary from nutrient to nutrient.

We can diagnose whatever deficiencies exist, and we can put the palm on a program for recovery. PalmBoss uses a methodical, scheduled program of recovery for sick palms. Their symptoms do not appear overnight, and disease remedies take time. Some severe deficiencies may benefit from micronutrient injection through our Arborjet™ treatment method.

PalmBoss can save nutrient-deficient palms in Tampa

severely nutrient-deficient palms

There are also more difficult diagnoses where we would recommend a soil test to determine if improper soil pH may be contributing to the problems. Whatever the case, we find the cause of your palm’s disease and correct it when possible. Severe deficiencies may cause death of the palm and possibly costly removal. And we do not let clients waste money on trees that cannot recover from disease.

nutrient-deficient Wodyetia bifurcata palm.

Ask for free evaluations of palms in residential and business settings if you’d like to keep your trees healthy and preserve your property value.