Sylvester Palm care

Sylvester Date Palms have made quite the impression in so many Florida landscapes in the last decade. They are cold-hardy and can tolerate more rainfall than the true date palms. I began learning the business of palm care, fertilization, and disease prevention several years before the idea of PalmBoss. We understand the palm growing process, and this makes us unique in our experience and attention to your palms. Let’s take this Sylvester Palm for example.

Feeding routine should continue after it leaves the grower and finds a new home.  High quality and slow release 8-2-12 in well draining Florida soils

Feeding routine continues after leaving this farm, with high-quality and slow-release 8-2-12 in well-draining soil.

This Sylvester Palm was grown by Randy Frazier, on his farm in southern Hillsborough County, from seed that he collected and germinated. Randy cared for this palm for about six years, including regular fertilization with high-quality, slow-release mixtures that are specific for a palm’s nutrient needs. The palm has also received preventative antibiotic injections to prevent Texas Phoenix Palm Decline.

After ground flooding, palms in this farm were given preventative fungicide. This tree was pruned with tools that were disinfected to mitigate the spread of bacteria or fungi. These are all proven measures for growing palms to maximize their vigor and beautiful appearance. Randy has a successful business growing Sylvester Palms and many other varieties, and this would not be possible if he neglected these trees.

Here is the Sylvester palm in its new home in Pasco County. ERW Landscape planted the tree, and PalmBoss nurtures it.

From the farm to your yard PalmBoss wants to continue as your palm's grower and caretaker

From the farm to your landscape, PalmBoss wants to continue as your palm’s grower and caretaker.

ERW planted the palm in well-drained soil and then installed drip irrigation to supply adequate water.

I applied a preventative fungicide drench and a liquid root-stimulating fertilizer. At the three-month mark I will begin applying granular fertilizer in three-month intervals. I will use slow-release 8-2-12, and in the Winter I will use more magnesium when the palm’s canopy growth is slow. I will also continue antibiotic injections of the trunk.

PalmBoss basically takes over as the palm grower after a tree moves from a nursery to your landscape! This is the difference between us and lawn sprayer/fertilizer companies that have no interest in treating your palms like their own. Give me a call. — Pete

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  1. Kate Riggs says:

    I have two Sylvester palms planted two years ago. One is doing great other the crown is weak and the limbs are laying over other than the tree looks healthy. Do you have any idea how to correct this and I’ve fertilizer them twice

  2. Bill Emslie says:

    I have an established Sylvester palm that is losing it’s bark from the base of the trunk, & is creeping up the vertical portion. Bark is just peeling away. Need help!

  3. Jack Barreto says:

    I reside in S Florida area (Ft Lauderdale) and have a Sylvester palm. I have notice ants or bugs in trunk area. Is there a safe insecticide you recommend for use on this type of palm? I am originally a Tampa resident and travel back to area.

    Appreciate any advice. Thank you Jack

  4. Lou says:

    We have purchased 30 Sylvester palm trees from a local grower, some of the leaves are turning yellow and then brown. I am watering them every other day. Don’t know if I’m watering them to much or to little. On some of them the new growth is coming out brown.

  5. Pete McKay says:

    Lou, 99% chance the trees aren’t getting enough water. We’re really in a incredible dry spell here. What size are the palms? I can recommend gallons per day based upon trunk height

  6. Chris says:

    I had a Sylvester planted in late February. I set up a soaker hose and it stayed green. About 3 weeks ago I cut back on the frequency and volume of water. The lower fronds turned brown and that is spreading upward. Do you serve Hernando county? Any recommendation on how much water I should be applying? It has 7-8 feet of clear trunk. I’m really hoping it’s not TPPD.

  7. Steve says:

    I have purchased seedling to grow Sylvester palms. What steps do I need to take in have these grow from seedlings. Appreciate any suggestions you can give. Can not afford one from the landscape company so need to do it this way.

  8. John says:

    How and what do I use to stain or varnish a Sylvester trunk? Color?

  9. Glyce DiMiceli says:

    My Sylvester palm seems to be losing some of its bark in one area of the tree What is the problem/

  10. Bonnie Staples says:

    What stain or varnish (shellac) do I use on my Sylvester trunk?

  11. Karen Morris says:

    We live on the river in Homosassa & our palm has mold growing on the trunk, the fronds have brown spots (& yellow at base) on them while some just turn brown on the tips. Some green fronds don’t fully open straight out…they are crinkled. This palm is about 4 years old and about 10 feet tall now.

  12. Cliff Higley says:

    What stain can i use on the trunk of my Sylvester Palm