Christmas Palm

Adonidia merrillii is better known as Christmas Palm but is also known as Manila Palm due to its Philippine origin. It has been widely adopted across the tropics around the world. In the northern hemisphere, the fruit ripens to a bright red in December which gives the colorful appearance and the common name Christmas Palm.

Photo taken in Nassau Bahamas late November

Christmas Palm in Nassau, Bahamas


Color change of different seed stages with ripened fruit turning vibrant red.

color changes of seeds with ripened fruit turning vibrant red

Christmas Palm is a slender stemmed palm that has a smooth crownshaft trunk which gives it a very tidy overall appearance. They do not tolerate freezing temperatures, and need protection from frost in West Central Florida. They have become one of the most popular accent palms within the past several years, and they are also suitable for indoor use when properly acclimated.

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    Thank you. I think palms are such interesting plants, and hope to show others what I see in them.